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Linda Martignetti is dedicated to providing outstanding real estate service in the South Florida area.

Linda has a servant’s heart when it comes to helping, guiding and advising people with their real estate needs. You can be rest assured that your real estate transaction will be processed with the utmost of care and experience. She understands the emotions involved and sincerely wants to “help you find your way home…one brick at a time”. Tell us how you want to live and we’ll help you get there.

Linda is currently broker/owner of Crossroads Realty Team. With the ever changing real estate market, she saw the need to put herself out there and lend that helping hand. “A Realtor has a lot more responsibility than that in any other service industry. We are dealing with people’s lives! And with so many people losing their homes due to circumstances thrown at them from the current economy and life, they needed to know that someone really does care.” That desire set the goal for someday putting together her own real estate company with a group of people that truly were “other centered”. Crossroads Realty Team is that dream. And as collective long-term residents of the communities we serve, we’re putting our knowledge together to work for you!

Initially, the challenges of trying to search for a new home while out of state, unveiled the need for dedicated professionals to assist others trying to relocate and drew her to the real estate business. It didn’t take long for success to follow as her passion for helping people, whether local or afar, became apparent to those needing real estate assistance. They needed to find that “trusted advisor”.

With the current upside down market and so many people forced into short sales to prevent foreclosure, many will tell you that her counseling has helped them see things in perspective and calmed many a frantic and frightened seller. And most of all, she was able to negotiate a successful short sale so they could move on and rebuild their life. Buyers, on the other hand, will tell you their stories of how Linda stuck with them until they found their perfect home and then guided them through the process providing valuable resources and referrals to get the job done.

Linda will often tell you she is very blessed with her 3 grown children, their perfect choices in mates and her precious grandsons (Mason and Cole). She left behind some sad memories with the tragic accident that took the life of her husband, John, but she stands firm in her belief that “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them.” Linda’s future is bright with that promise!

Linda Martignetti

Licensed Real Estate Broker – Owner of Crossroads Realty Team

Direct: 954-464-5434
Fax: 1-888-464-0032
Email: Linda@CrossroadsRealtyTeam.com

Website: www.CrossroadsRealtyTeam.com
Website: www.FloridaHomesByLinda.com

“Helping You Find Your Way Home”