Apr 262012

Harris interactive a well-known firm in the marketplace research industry conducted a new poll and about 22% of all homeowners have difficulties paying their mortgage payments on time. Furthermore, 7% are capable of meeting their deadline, but have trouble.

Harris Interactive also discovered that about twenty-one percent of homeowners contemplate whether or not their mortgages are classified as being underwater. This term is utilized to designate homes that are so undervalued their mortgages are more than the amount they owe. As the economy continues to sink, a larger number of owners are starting to fall into this classification.

The poll reported that mortgages are decreasing. In Two thousand ten, sixty-nine percent of adults had mortgages; in two thousand eleven that figure fell to sixty-six percent. This shows two trends: individuals are not just losing their houses, but they are not purchasing anything new even though there are a larger number of inexpensive homes on the market.

Nonetheless, when it comes to people having troubles with their mortgage payments, there is a decrease between the figures acquired in two thousand eleven and the ones attained in two thousand ten.

Harris Interactive believes it is still too soon to decide whether there was real improvement. Foreclosure could be a chief reason that the statistics are declining.

Still, the stats do point to a rather slow recovery. The reason is they did match some other data from a study that was collected from Harris Interactive.

Just in terms of numbers, three thousand one hundred and seventy-one adults were polled in this latest study concerning mortgage payments. The poll happened in March of two thousand eleven, and it lasted seven days. All of the respondents took part of their own volition therefore; researchers did not compute the probability of error. No payment or other inducements were given, further solidifying the honesty of the information.

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