Jun 062011

by Joseph Hillner

Going house shopping? In today’s market seeing homes wlthout an approval may cause some issues. Sellers will often ask a buyer is approver befoe allowing a showing of their home. For each showIng a seller has to up root their family, pets,etc. They have to clean and find something to do during the showing. They want to make sure a buyer is approved before golng through all of these inconveniences to show their home.

Online calculators are notorlously inaccurate and often set wrong expectations. You may be looking in the wrong pricee range… Too low you might be disappointed. Too high you’ll definitely be disappointed!

Before you go home shopping getting a credit check and free credit scoreanalysis, will position you for the best products, rates and the lowest cost. It’s always best to know what is on your credit report and understand its impact on your ability to buy. If there is something that needs to be corrected and you cannot buy right now, we can assist and helping you improve your credit standing.

Untie the knot of mortgage confusion. We provide a First Tlme Home Buyers’education program. Knowiedge is key in an ever changing market. Part of any approval process should be educadon. “What makes up a payment?” “How much down payment money do I need?” “How much can I afford?” We answer all of these questions and more. Our goal to to make you feel comfortable.

Your goals and your budget are tremendously important components of the home buying process. We can help you set up budget and savings goals, examine loan benefits and explore other financial considerations with you.

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