Aug 072014

Many homeowners who are upside down in their mortgages may wonder how to start a short sale process. However, they may feel intimidated by the process, and they may not know whom they can ask about it. For many consumers, the short sale process can seem scary, but on the other hand the process will allow them to avoid foreclosures and bankruptcies.

If you are contemplating a Short Sale,

If you are upside down in your mortgage, you will probably qualify for a short sale. In fact, if you speak to your bank, you will probably discover that they would actually encourage you to do a short sale. However, with so many myths floating around the internet and the news media about short sales, it may be impossible to untangle the myths from the reality.

If you are experiencing hardship, if you are upside down in your mortgage, we would love to answer your questions. By attending our seminar on November 17th, homeowners will learn exactly how to start a short sale process.

They will learn that short sales are getting easier. They will learn about some of the incentives that lenders are offering homeowners to complete a short sale. For instance, recently two of our lenders gave their borrowers $20,000 at their closings. To earn this bonus, the borrowers only had to ensure that they kept their property in good shape and that they did not remove anything from the property.

At our seminars, we cover everything that borrowers need to understand to get through this tricky process. We explain the importance of getting their property valued prior to a short sale, and we show them who the best appraisers are. We tell homeowners the best ways to contact their lenders and how they should draft their hardship letters. We even explain how to find the right real estate agent to represent them for their short sale. In addition to this information, we offer much more at our seminars.

When you join us on November 17th, you will learn about all of the following elements of the short sale process:

• Untangling short sale facts from the myths that are spread by the media
• How to avoid scams and keep your finances safe
• Federal programs that help homeowners
• And much more

If you are wondering how to start a short sale process or if you are wondering why banks are encouraging short sales, we are the experts who can help you. Our special seminars have been designed to educate homeowners about all of the intricacies of the modern real estate market. When you leave our seminar, you will know exactly why banks prefer short sales, and you will understand how they can benefit you.

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