Sep 012011

Broward County Property values are at a record low, however, your property value may have been assessed too high and consequently you’re paying more than you should. I’ve recently been contacted by a company “My Fair Share” that will work to lower your taxes if you qualify. The taxes will not only be lowered the first year, but every year you stay in your home. Best of all, there’s no risk in trying. They only charge a fee if they save you money. They appeal for you. Of course, you can do this yourself, but if you are like most people, you just don’t have the time or energy to fight the system. It may be worth it to you to let the experts do it on your behalf.

You should appeal your taxes if:

1. You recently acquired your residential property in the past 2 years.

2. Your Assessment has increased from last year.

3. Your property has physical damage from fire, weather, age or similar.

4. Property has been recently improved or remodeled.

5. You haven’t filed the exemptions you are entitled to (there are over 25 different exemptions).

If you live out of town, the appraiser’s office doesn’t think you will take the time to challenge the assessment because of the time and effort. My Fair Share will put in the time and effort on your behalf. They pay the filing fees as well. And if they don’t win, there is absolutely no charge to you. They go to the hearings and petition on your behalf and only bill you when they win. The fee is 50% of your first year’s savings. They have a 98% success rate since inception.

My Fair Share consists of trained property tax specialists with over 25 years of experience. Please visit their website for more information or for a free evaluation of your property taxes.

Appeals can only be filed during a certain time each year – Don’t miss out! Either your taxes are fair or you can have a petition filed to get them lowered (at no cost to you unless they win a reduction).

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