Aug 072014

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to make your mortgage payments and your lender may intend to foreclose your home. In such a circumstance, you should look for a Florida short sale assistance agency if you wish to save your home. Apart from this, you should get your finances on the right track to increase chances of the lender accepting your short sale request.

The first step to saving your home from being foreclosed is to realize the gravity of the situation. The lender will usually give you a grace period to pay off your outstanding mortgage payments before commencing the preforeclosure process. If your credit situation is on the rocks, seek help from a Florida short sale assistance agency. The agency will help to negotiate a short sale for you.

When you contact South Florida Short Sales, your financial situation and chances of being successful with a short sale request will first be evaluated. Linda Martignetti, a short sale assistance specialist with the agency, will help you with the basic requirements and filing the paperwork. She will work with you from the start to successful completion of the short sale process.

Linda will help you negotiate with the lender and agree on a time frame for paying the outstanding payments. If your credit situation is wanting, she can negotiate with the lender to have the payments deferred or reduced until your financial situation improves. Alternatively, she can convince the lender to offer you a new payment plan.

When your home is about to be foreclosed, you should know your rights regarding your mortgage and your lender’s right with regards to late payments. It can be difficult for a nonprofessional to know where the boundary lies in these matters. South Florida Short Sales will assist you in this matter. Linda will advise you on the course to take when you want to pursue a short sale to save your home. However, she will only give you alternatives to prevent a foreclosure but not fully avoid the mortgage payments. Ultimately, you will have to commit yourself to paying off part of the mortgage.

Dealing with short sales issues in Florida can be a challenging task. To negotiate a short sale successfully with your lender, you need Florida short sale assistance from experienced and certified professionals. Linda and South Florida Short Sales agency can help negotiate more manageable mortgage payments with your lender and ensure your short sale request is successful.

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