Aug 072014

When the property bubble burst, so did the dream of millions of Americans. The economy plummeted to depths unseen in decades. Businesses were left struggling to cope with the new financial environment. Some were able to find a way to thrive while others were forces to close shop. Most had to resort to restructuring and budgets cuts in order to survive. A substantial number of workers became unemployed or had to take pay cuts. This led to their inability to pay home mortgage and eventually to foreclosure. It should be noted, though, that this is not inevitable for all homeowners as there exists other ways to come out of the situation without losing everything. For instance, they may sell the property albeit they probably have to settle for less than the purchase price.

There are a lot of individuals who are doing their best to fix their mortgage situation without losing all of their remaining funds. Otherwise, their credit rating will suffer and that will lead to even more problems in the future. A popular course of action is to get involved in short sales. Not everyone may qualify for this solution, though. There are a few strict guidelines that must be followed to be considered for this arrangement. It’s important to understand the root of the problem, which is rapid market expansion that enabled people to purchase expensive homes easily. Now those homes are worth a fraction of their prior value.

To qualify for short sales, the current value of the house must be less than the mortgage loan. Homeowners must prove that they have missed several payments and are truly without the means to catch up. Lastly, the homeowners must discuss the matter with the lending companies to acquire their blessings as the latter is placed at a disadvantage if the sale pushes through. That being the case, one might wonder why a lender would even let the transaction happen. The answer is that short sales, though financially disadvantageous, are still better compared to foreclosures in terms of cost. The total loses may be split between the lending company and the homeowner, if he or she has the capacity to absorb such a blow, which may not be the case. Due to the complications, individuals who wish to avail of this measure must secure approval by filing special documentation to the lender. If unsure as to how to go about the procedures, homeowners can seek the help of real estate representatives in their locality.

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